2018 Atlantic City Boat and Spring maintenance - Almost there!!

Pics from last weekend's Atlantic City Boat Show - a big thanks to the Recreational Fishing Alliance for booking me for the Fluke seminar!!  After this weather moves out, I will be finishing the seasonal prep for the Jenny Lynn and splashing in 2 weeks after maintenance from South Harbor. Looking forward to light-tackle Striped Bass!

Striped Bass Charters - Last 3 trips of 2017

I had my last 3 trips with return clients over this past weekend and we did a combination of trolling and drifting live baits to produce over 70 Striped Bass. Trolling produced some bigger fish to 34 inches, but with limited time we ended working the inlet on all of the trips.

First, I had Brett Sewing of Vermont trolling up a nice 33 inch bass, but Brett picked through 20 fish only mustering fish to 23 inches at the inlet

Next, I had Art Diebel and his daughter Nell going 1 for 4 on the troll, followed by picking 2-3 fish per drift at the inlet. The father daughter team picked through 20+ fish to find a slot at 25 inches. Nell caught her first to keepers, Great Job!!

Last, I had David Rowan, Pat Vandy, and Ben Jordan to work the afternoon. We started at the inlet and picked through 20+ Stripers to find 2 slots and 1 at 28inch. As the inlet conditions become unsafe, we went on the troll for a few hours without a touch. We ended at the inlet picked through another dozen to find a slot at 26inches.

Striped Bass Charter - Mike Galindo

I had return clients Mike Galindo, his two son’s Bennet & Mason, and family fried Tom DiNapoli on a Striped Bass charter. We headed right on the troll and found some life within 15 minutes of pulling Maja Spoons. The crew went 5 for 9 boxing 4 Stripers to 25 pounds and releasing a 14 pound Bluefish. Mason caught the biggest Striper of the day in tough conditions with the Striper on top heading towards the boat. With sore arms he stayed tight to the fish, boating a solid bass close to 40in weighing 25lbs. Great job!!

Striped Bass Charter - Dave Colwell

I had return clients Dave Colwell, Scott Dean, and Micheal V. of Cherry Hill on a Striped Bass charter. We started working close to the beach with some scattered bird action drifting live bait, but had no takers. Next, we headed to deeper water and trolled Maja’s for a good portion of the trip with not-a-touch. It was a slower bite with only a few boats hooking up. With only a little time left in the trip, we worked the inlet to play catch-n-release with some Striped Bass to 22.5 inches. It was a very tough day in terms of bites.

Striped Bass Charter - Mark Galato

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends, family, and charter clients. 

I had Mark Galato and his daughter Tina on a Striped Bass charter, and we worked really hard covering more than 18 miles of ocean in gusting winds. The father and daughter team caught close to 20 Striped Bass, but we could not break the 23 inch mark. We fished the bay, inlet, and ocean from 15 to 55 feet - I think we covered almost everything.
Tough day on keepers, but at least Tina caught her first couple of Striped Bass!

Striped Bass Charter - Mike Pollino

I had Mike Pollino of Bensalem, Mary Broerman, and John Krause of Warminster on a Striped Bass charter. We fished the ocean looking for bigger Striped Bass, but they were a little finicky. John caught his biggest Striped Bass to date at 40 inches and 27 pounds. Mike and Mary released a few in the 23 range on the S&S Bucktail jig and live bait, before keeping a 26 inch bonus tag fish. Great job!

Striped Bass Charter - Lockheed Martin

I had Dom Diblasio, Joe Guarino, Jacob Sestak, and John Busca of Lockheed Martin on a Striped Bass trip. Again, we worked the ocean and had tons of bunker and whales. But unfortunately the Striped Bass had lockjaw with only 2 run-offs and we worked 15 miles of ocean. With only about a half hour left in the trip, we worked the bay and the guys went 2 for 4 with live bait. They boxed two Stripers at 28inches and 24inches. Tough trip, but at least we eeked out a couple of fish.

Striped Bass Charter - Mike Galindo

I had Mike Galindo and his father in law Bob Stovakiewicz on a Striped Bass charter. We had good intel and started working the ocean front, but the Stripers were a little slow from the day's previous feed. We finally found a school of feeding fish with about an hour left in the trip. The duo went 2 for 4 with two 20 pound fish. It was Bob's 73rd birthday and he caught his biggest striper to date. We also had some whales working in the area! Awesome job!

Striped Bass Charter - Scott Fritz

I had Scott Fritz of Long Beach Island and his two buddies Peter Hempf and George Wolansky on a Striped Bass Charter. The crew did miss a few fish early, but quickly got the hang of it. We worked a variety of areas and the guys put 4 keepers in the box releasing 12 others. Nice work on a rather tough day in terms of winds and conditions.

Striped Bass charter

With the bite hot, I had co-workers Paul Covine and Tom Duralek on a quick trip drifting live bait in the back. We had our limit in about an 1 hour and played catch and release for the remainder of the outing. The bonus tag/keepers ranged from 25 inches to 32 inches.

Striped Bass Charter - Brett Sewing

In the afternoon, I had Brett Sewing of VT and his buddy Sam Slinskex of NY on a 4.5 hr Striped Bass charter. The afternoon was much better with the tide and we got right on the fish. It was a fish on every drift, and Brett and Sam limited with 5 fish in about 6 drifts (including Capt.'s fish). We worked the remaining of the trip releasing fish 25-inches to 31-inches. A long day on the water, but great way to end the weekend!

Striped Bass Charter - Dan Unger

In the morning, I had Dan Unger and his son Danny of Shipbottom, NJ on a 4.5hr Striped Bass charter. We fished close to home and found some Stripers on the different tide. It was a slower pick, but Danny did catch a solid 32inch Bass along with a couple of bonus fish. We released a few more slot fish. With the tide almost dead and our time window narrow, we did troll for about an hour with no luck. The father & son team went home with 3 Stripers.

Striped Bass Charter - Chad Mackey

It was a cold start today in terms of temperature, but it had no effect on the fish as we limited out in 1hr in 18 minutes. I had Chad Mackey, Joe Bumbarger, and Brad Bingham of Reading, PA on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. The guys worked hard for the entire trip, and ended with 8 fish to 34 inches including the Captains fish, they released another 20 that were in the keepable range. Awesome trip and epic bite working live baits.