8-14-2018 charters

In the morning, I had return client Derek Bowen with his wife Christine and daughters Megan and Dani. We started in the ocean, but one of the crew became a little green after the 1st drift. We headed back inside and worked the bay for Fluke. The family did a great job catching over 55 Fluke with 4 nice keepers (20, 19.5, 19, 18). 

In the afternoon, I had new clients Dan Weidner of Philadelphia, his son Jimmy, and brother James. It was a bit more challenging as we had a falling tide and the wind kicked up to a solid 20 knots. We worked a variety of spots and the crew released close to 60 Fluke while boxing 1 keeper (18in).  All fish were caught on the S&S Bigeye tipped with fresh bait.

Scout Trip 8-11-2018

Jennifer Taylor, Luke, and I took a quick trip to see if there was some life at spots that I worked previously in the week. Luke managed an 18-inch on the 1st drop and lost another one boat side. We added a solid 24-inch Fluke, but during the next drift got the weather advisory and I saw on the boat's radar two T-storm cells. We made through the inlet with lightening in the distance and stopped at Bobbie's Boats in Barnegat Light for safe harbor. Thanks to Vince Chiaro, owner of Bobbie's boats for allowing us to wait out the storm for an hour.

Charters for 8/7 through 8/10

I had a busy week 6 trips in 4 days and a few of the trips battled winds to 25 knots, but still managed to catch. The bay is loaded with short fish as we are catching 40 to 65 shorts per trip, but only boxing 1 to 5 keepers (depending on the day). We have been upsizing our bait profiles and working the S&S Bucktails for the keepers.

4hr Charter - Larry Foy

Tough fishing today - I had Larry Foy of Southampton,PA with his son Trevor and Brother-in-Law Micheal Cludi on a 4hr Bay/Inlet Fluke charter. We had to deal with sustained winds at 20 with gusts to close to 30 mph. I did everything possible to slow our drift down, and the trio managed 35 short Fluke with the closest to being keepable at 17 inches. At least the rods were bent on almost every drift!

4hr Bay/inlet charter - Chad Winkler

The winds were definitely "cranking" today, but I had out new client Chad Winkler of Pittsburgh, PA with his wife, Elissa, and two children (Huson-age7 & Selah-age4) on a 4hr bay & inlet charter. We fished some of the same areas, but had much faster drifts due to the winds. The family ended boating over 30 Fluke with 7yr old Hudson catching 2 keeper Fluke (19in, 19in) and a cocktail Bluefish. This was the family's first time Fluke fishing, but awesome job in tough conditions.

4hr Bay/Inlet charter - Tom Dillon (trip 1)

Yesterday I had return client Tom Dillon and his son Tommy (T) for their annual father & son 4hr bay/inlet trip as they are staying on LBI for vacation. We worked a quite a few areas near the Barnegat Inlet and the father & son caught 42 Fluke with 1 keeper to 18 inches. It was a tough day in terms of keepers, but at least the rods were bent.

4hr Bay/Inlet charter - Lou Sigillo

I had new client Lou Sigillo, his three kids (Emily, Matt, Johnny) and Emily's boyfriend Billy Lowen of Beach Haven West. Lou wanted to learn a little about fishing the bay as they are new to fishing. We fished a few different areas and they ended releasing 71 Fluke, while boxing 3 keepers and Matt's 1st ever Bluefish. All fish were caught on the S&S BigEye bucktail. Great job!

Sunday afternoon - Scout Trip II

A day late, but after Sunday's morning charter I went with my wife Jen and son Luke to a few different snags. We ended up putting 4 keeper Fluke to 23.5 inches and 3 nice Sea Bass to 18 inches. Jen was happy as she caught her limit of Fluke and Sea Bass on the S&S BigEye bucktail!!  I missed a nice fish about 8-11 miles out - hence the wacky photo!!

Sunday morning Charter - Zeb DeVittorio

On Sunday, I had new clients Zeb DiVittorio of Texas, William Hibray, and Andy Weeks of New Jersey on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We worked a variety of areas to find close to 20 shorts with 3 keepers as the crew was using bigger baits to put keepers in the box. All were jigging the S&S Bigeye with natural bait.

Saturday - Scout Trip

With some actual down time - I took Luke and my parents out to a few of my favorite wrecks to scout around - it wasn't lights out, but we did put a few in the boat. Luke caught the 1st on the 1st drop, and we picked at short Fluke, short Sea Bass, and Ling. We boxed two keeper Fluke (21 in and 19in), 2 Sea Bass, and a Ling. It was an awesome day on the water, with a solid T-storm coming through the inlet!!

Friday Double Charter

Friday's double had our first ocean exploratory trip with return client Matt Windover and his father-in-law Steve Sims boxing a solid 6-plus pound flattie amongst over a dozen short Fluke, short Sea Bass, and Sea Robin. In the afternoon, I had Mark Centerione and two kids (Natalie & Mark) on a 4hour bay trip. It was very windy and made for challenging conditions, but the kids did great for their first ever Fluke charter and 9yr old Mark ended up putting a solid 20-inch Fluke in the box with over 15 caught for the trio.

Thursday Double charter

We had some rough weather during the beginning of the week - I ended up running 4 trips in two days. It was a little tough on the bayside due to the heavy rains, reduced salinity, and reduced water clarity. 

Thursday was definitely a challenge due to very poor bay conditions - the first trip with new clients Mike Fuhrman and Stephen Karl managed close to 20 short Fluke with only a few coming close to the 18-inch mark. The second trip had new clients John Remy and his 3 children (Ceci, Cole, Matthew) on a hour bay trip and they each caught their 1st ever Fluke and Cole put a solid 20-incher in the boat.

4hr Bay/Inlet Fluke trip - Marc Schessel

In the afternoon, I had new clients Marc Schessel with his son-in-law Ted Dembowski and 7yr old grandson Nash. This trip was not so much about getting keepers, but putting Nash on some fish. We jigged the S&S Bigeye's in a variety of areas to catch over 40 fish with 1 keeper at 19.5in. Nash learned quickly and ended up catching 15 all by himself! Great job and he's already looking forward to next year!

4hr Bay/Inlet Fluke trip - Dave Samuelson (Morning)

I had new client Dave Samuelson and his son James from upstate NY on a 4hr Bay & Inlet Fluke charter. It's been a tough go of late in terms of finding keepers, but Dave landed a solid 19.5in Fluke on the 1st drop. The duo had to pick through 30 more shorts, before finding another 18.5 inch Fluke. All fish were landing on the S&S Bigeye tipped with natural bait. Great job!

9 trips in 4 days - 4hr Bay/Inlet Fluke

Fishing in Barnegat Bay has been a little tough in terms of finding keepers - we have been upsizing the baits, but it is still a little tough. We ran 9 trips in 4 days, so I haven't had much time to update Facebook or the webpage.  Most of our 4hr charters have been picking up 20 to 40 short Fluke and bringing home up to 3 fish. You don't get many chances at keepers, so it's imperative to do your best with the hooks on every bite.  We did have one trip after the heavy rains that didn't catch any keeps. But we are back at it again today.

We will start running Ocean Fluke trips soon, but it is still very slow out there.  

One of the notable catches the past few days was 12yr old Kathryn Viccaro's 7lb Fluke caught in 5 feet of water.  She was out with her 10yr old sister, Mom, and 75yr old Grandmom and this was Kathryn's 1st time fishing.  Awesome job!