Bay/Inlet charter - T. McGough - Solid Fluke action

I had return client Tom McGough of Harrisburg, PA, his wife Kristen, Andy McGough of Philadelphia, and James McGough of Altoona on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  We started working one of the areas we worked the day prior and had steady action.  With good tide and a solid bite, we stayed in two areas for a duration of the trip.  The crew jigged 4 keepers to 21 inches and a lone 23 inch Bluefish.  Nice job by the McGough family and I look forward to seeing them next year.

Bay/Inlet charter - D. Unger - Fluke

I had return client Dan Unger of Long Beach Island and his son Danny on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip with Fluke as the target. We had a tough morning with some weather fronts that came through and it blew over 20 knots. We fished a couple of areas where the current wasn’t as strong and the father & son team nailed some Fluke with some close to the 18 inch mark. After working a few of the areas hard, the two ended up with two decent Fluke at 18.5 inches and 22 inches that fell for our “new” custom teaser. The last hour of the trip had us battling 20 knot winds, rain, and tide. Nice job in some challenging conditions.


With a good weather window for Thursday, I ran two 4hr trips and we totaled 8 keeper Fluke to 5lbs. First, I had return client Tom Clark of Waretown, and his 11yr old daughter Alexis working a variety of areas with jigs to produce a decent number of Fluke. We had a steady bite at most of the areas we worked and Alexis nailed a nice 5 pound Fluke, along with two other keepers to 20 inches. Tom was a close second with a fish at 18in and 19in. We did catch a few that were about an 1/8in shy of making it into the box. A great day on the water, and nice job by Alexis for being the high hook of the day.

Next, I had Doug Wainwright of Columbus, NJ and his son Doug Jr. on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. The father and son team had to contend with a little more wind and different tidal conditions, but they worked hard at a variety of spots to put 3 quality keepers in the boat. Two of the fish measured close to 23 inches and weighed about 4.5 pounds. We deployed all tactics to slow down our drifts allowing the team to use light jigs to nail the Fluke. Nice job by the crew on working those rods the entire time. We thank and wish Doug Jr. the best of luck on entering the U.S. Marines Corps Officer Training this summer.

Bay/Inlet charter - D. Caruso

I had Dave Caruso of upstate NY, his son Casey Caruso, Kyle Christian, and family friends Brian Gaw and Shannon Gamble of Colorado on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The crew had very tough conditions with steady 20 knot winds plus some higher gusts and good tidal current, which made for "super-fast" drifts. You know it's fast when power drifting with a wind sock doesn't help. We worked incredibly hard today and pounded a ton of areas, but with the drift conditions the crew could only muster a few shorts and 1 nice keeper taping over 21 inches. With a wind sock and power drifting in a narrow area, Brian landed the keeper on a S&S Bigeye bucktail. Good job on a tough day!!

Bay/Inlet Charter - J. Loreaux - Fluke

I had Scott Loreaux of Manahawkin, NJ and his brother Jeff Loreaux of Duxbury, MA on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The charter was purchased for Scott's Birthday and the two did a decent job at fishing through short Fluke to find a couple of keepers. We fished several areas and a few areas produced much better results than the others. There was a lot of joking around between the brothers and I think they tied on the amount of fish caught, although Scott's keeper was the biggest at 19.5 inches! Great job!

Bay/Inlet Charter - Philip Mack - Fluke

I had Philip Mack of New Hope, PA, his daughter Ali Mack of Abington, PA and her two 10yr boys Rogan and Eoghan on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We worked hard fishing multiple spots through the periodic fog and drizzle. The twins wanted to go fishing for their birthday and they struck first catching 2 keepers (18, 19) on the same drift. Phil landed another at close at 19.5 inches. The crew had steady action for most of the trip jigging bucktails and boxing 3 for lunch/dinner. Great job!!

Bay/Inlet Charter - Dave Kaschak

I had new client Dave Kaschak and his 9yr old son Chase from Hazelton, PA on an afternoon 4hr Bay trip.  The father and son were first timers in fishing for Fluke and they had to fight through some tough conditions with winds over 18 knots, full moon current, and algae-slime.  The beginning of the trip had better tide-water conditions and the crew nailed 2-3 shorts on each drift, and after several moves Chase nailed his 1st ever keeper Fluke at a solid 19 inches.  We continued to work different areas, but could only muster short fish.  The father and son team did a great job for their 1st time!

Bay/Inlet Charter - Art Diebel

I had return client Art Diebel and his son Bruce from Freehold, NJ on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  We started working the backwaters for Fluke and the father-son team caught a few at each spot, but they did not reach the 18in mark.  With the tide change, we switched to working the inlet area for Bluefish, and they both hooked up with Blues to 28-inches.  With their fill of Bluefish action, we headed back to a few more spots for Fluke.  On our literal last drift, Art nailed a fat, 6 pound Fluke that taped at 23.5 inches.  They did a good job fishing through tough slime conditions as almost every drop had the lures being fouled by the bay slime-algae. 

Bay/Inlet Charter - Mike Galindo

I had Mike Galindo, and his two sons Bennet and Mason on a 5hr Bay & Inlet charter for Striped Bass and Fluke. We started working the inlet area for Striped Bass, but could only muster Blackfish and Dogfish. With the Bass bite not happening, we resorted to working the backwaters for Fluke. The trio did an awesome job jigging over 30 Fluke with 3 keepers (18in, 18.5in, 19in). Mike was the top hook, and finally took it over the two boys. Sorry Mason and Bennet, had to put that in there! Great day on the water and look forward to seeing you guys in the future.

Quick Family trip - Fluke and small Striped Bass

With a quick window in the morning, I took my wife and son on a brief Fluke trip to check a different part of the tide. Jen struck first with a solid 19.5 inch Fluke on the first drift, followed by Luke’s first Striper on the bucktail. This one he caught all by himself. After several drifts of short Fluke, Luke jigged an 18-incher that made it into the box. With two Fluke in the box and enough for dinner, we headed home and left them biting. We released about 15 Fluke and 1 Striped Bass in about 2 hours, keeping 2 Fluke for the table. It was definitely a better bite on the tide.

Bay/Inlet Charter - Emil Slane - Tough conditions (dirty water)

I had Emil Slane, James D, and Xavier S. of New York, NY on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter for a variety of species.  The crew tried fishing the inlet for Striped Bass, but it was covered up by feisty Blackfish with the slow current.  The guys boated Blackfish to 5 pounds as it was hard to get the bait to the Bass.  All the Blackfish were promptly released as they are out of season.  We spent the remainder of the trip fishing the backwaters, but the crew could only muster short fluke with the biggest being 17 inches.  All in all, the guys didn’t do too bad for their first time fishing the salt.  

Note - You can definitely see the effects of the rain runoff from fertilizers as the bay has a ton of algal slime right now.

Fluke Season Opener - Quick Recon Trip

I had the opportunity to do a quick 2hr recon trip with Tom Duralek for Fluke after work. Although we had to deal with some dirty water and winds to 20 knots, we ended with 1 keeper to 21 inches among short fluke and some sea robins. Tom lost another nice one boatside, so they are definitely in the backbay areas. The west side of the bay had some decent water temperatures up to 68 degrees. The conditions were pretty tough (dirty water & wind against tide), but at least managed to pull the 1st one of the season.

Ocean/Inlet Trip - Bennet Charter (Tuesday afternoon)

It’s been a tough go as of late with multiple cancellations due to poor weather, wind, and sea conditions.  Between two low pressure systems, I managed to get Jim Bennet, his son Michael and Frank Baer from Media, Pennsylvania for a 5hr Ocean/Inlet charter.  With the guys game for anything that swam, we started working close to home with the sight of birds on Spearing and 3 to 5 pound Bluefish.  After moving on from the Blues, we decided to look for marks and trolled spoons for about an hour with two good-sized knockdowns.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t come tight and with daylight waning we headed closer to home.  The guys finished trip hooking up with 8 to 12 pound Bluefish on both live bait and artificials.  Michael recently graduated from Lafayette University with an engineering degree so “hat’s” off to him.  Great job and look forward to seeing them in the fall!

1st Trip of 2017 - Bay Bluefish

I had Bruce Conner of Illinois, Paul Covine, and Tom Duralek of Manahawkin on our first charter/open boat trip of the 2017 season. The trip's goal was to have fun on shallow-water Bluefish and we got into them at our second spot. There is nothing like throwing a popper or plug, and having Bluefish destroy them in 2.5 feet of water. Some of the Barnegat Bay's shallows produced some epic bites with fish nearing the 40 inch mark. Bruce was lights out working the Tsunami popper, followed by Paul on the SP Minnow, and Tom on a variety of lures. We had a busy morning scoring Blues on nearly every drift until it slowed. As we neared the end of the trip, we took one long drift along one of the lagoon fronts and scored a small Striped Bass and another monster Bluefish. As we wait for the arrival of the bigger Striped Bass, I can run WEEKDAY afternoon bay Bluefish / Striped Bass trips from 3 to 7pm either full charter or $120 per person OPEN BOAT, in addition to WEEKENDS.