Bay/Inlet charter (Morning & Afternoon)

I had a double trip today and both charters wanted to stay in the Bay/Inlet to work for Fluke.

First, I had the Connecticut crew of Matt DeSimone, his brother Dave DeSimone, and Bryan Zup with his father Bill on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We started off working some areas close to the inlet, before moving to the deeper channeled backwaters. The foursome ended the day with 5 keeper Fluke to 23 inches. Great job working the S&S BigEye bucktails!

Later in the afternoon, I had return client Derek Bowen, his wife Christina, and their daughters Megan and Dani on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We worked some of the same areas as the morning crew. We had good wind and tide, but crew caught over 30 Fluke, but could only muster Fluke to 17 inches. It was still a great day and nice to see the girls bucktailing.

Bay/Inlet Charter - Sue Harmer

We should be back out tomorrow (Thursday) as I have two trips booked. Yesterday's trips were cancelled and today's Ocean Fluke trip was also cancelled due to Small Craft Advisory!

On Monday, I had new clients Martin Harmer, his wife Sue, and their friends John Pirraglia and his wife Tamera on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip. With the likelihood of two of the 4 getting seasick, we stayed in the confines of Barnegat Bay to work for Fluke. The bite was somewhat off, but the two couples managed to catch around 20 Fluke with 1 keeper to 19 inches and a few Bluefish. They did a great job for their 1st time bucktailing and sent me pics of their blackened Bluefish and Fluke dinner!!

Bay/Inlet charter - Steve Hartley

I had Steven Hartley, his wife Debbie Edmiston, and her son Tristan of Philadelphia, Pa on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We started working some of the same bay areas as the day prior and had to weed through the shorts to find keepable fish. After some moving around, they trio found two keepers at 19 and 20 inches. Good job for their first time bucktailing!

Bay/Inlet charter - Erik Lundbeck

In the afternoon, I had return client Erik Lundbeck, his son Axel, nephew Arthur and Arthur's girlfriend Ana Paden on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We started working the inlet area, but had strong tidal current and winds which made it challenging to say the least. With success in the morning, we ran to the same Ocean area but could only muster 2 keeper Fluke (19, 21 inches) among shorts. We had much quicker drifting conditions and many more Brown sharks in the area. We did see one small, what appeared to be a 2.5-3ft Blacktip shark in the area. 10yr old Axel did end up hooking up with a 4-5 foot Brown shark that ended up hitting his short Fluke on the way up. Tougher conditions, but still pretty good action for the crew!!

Bay/inlet charter turned Ocean - Tim Murphy

I had return client Tim Murphy and his son Kevin of Jamison, PA out on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. With a brief discussion prior to the trip, the father-son team opted for the ocean. Great choice, as we limited out on 9 keeper Fluke to 25.5 inches in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Tim was the high hook catching the most and two biggest fish at 25.5 and 24.5 inches. All fish were caught on the S&S BigEye bucktail. Great job by the guys and look forward to seeing them in November for Striped Bass.

Bay/Inlet charter - Tom Dillon (Trip II)

I had return client Tom Dillon Jr and his cousin Mike Kelly of North Jersey on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. Tom's dad was supposed to go, but got caught up with work so Tommy's cousin jumped on. We worked some of the same areas as last week's trip and had steady activity at most of the spots. The two released over 25 Fluke with very close to 18 inches, but they were able to box 3 keepers at 18, 19, 19.5 inches. Nice Job!! I look forward to seeing them for our fall Striped Bass fishery.

Bay/Inlet charter - Eric Haase

I was cancelled yesterday with the rain, but was back on the water today with return clients Eric Haase, his wife Mary, and their friends Craig Fordyce and his girlfriend Caitlyn Torres on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We had very tough conditions with higher than predicted winds, and wind-against tide situations at quite a few spots. But the charter stuck with it and with repeated drifts the crew caught over 30 Fluke with 5 keepers to 22.5 inches on the S&S Bigeye bucktail. Awesome job for a challenging day! August looks to be as busy as July as I'm booked nearly everyday. See you out there!

Bay/Inlet charter - Tom Dillon

I had return client Tom Dillon and his son Tommy on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We worked some areas close to the inlet and the father-son team caught close to 40 Fluke with two keepers at 3.5 pounds (20in) and 5 pounds (23in). New Jersey Fish & Wildlife was doing surveying at Bobbie's Boats (charter pickup/dropoff location) and weighed each fish as part of their survey. All fish were caught on the S&S BigEye tipped with artificials. Note: They did catch one of the smallest Fluke of the season - fit in the palm of my hand!!

Ocean Fluke - Matt Windover

Full Boat Limit ++: I had Matt Windover of Philadelphia, PA and Charles Jacu of Limerick, PA on a 5hr Ocean charter. We started working an area close to home and only had one keeper after multiple drifts. With little to no drift, we headed out to a few deeper snags and it was "Game On"! Matt and Charles boxed 9 keepers to 6.5 pounds. Charles caught his personal best at 26 inches and weighing 6.5 pounds. We continued to fish and released a few more keepable fish. Great day on the water!

Bay/Inlet charter - Dan Perlman

I had Dan Perlman, his wife Melissa, and their 3 boys (Aaron-age 12, Brody-age 10, and Elijah-age 7) on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We worked some of the same areas as the day prior and had the same tidal conditions (outgoing). With all three boys new to bucktailing and saltwater Fluke fishing, they did a pretty good job catching 23 Fluke with two keepers (18, 19.5). There is nothing better than seeing kids catch fish!

Bay/Inlet charter - Tom Heisroth

On Tuesday, I had Mike Edwards of Colorado, Tom Heisroth of Colorado, and Neil Ringel of Boston, MA on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We concentrated our efforts just in and just outside the inlet. Even with outgoing tide conditions, the guys released close to 30 Fluke and had 3 keepers (18.5, 20, 21.5 inches). They worked the S&S BigEye bucktails tipped with natural bait. Great job!

Scout Ocean - Jen and Luke

With a rare day off as I moved today's trip to past Wednesday due to the original predicted weather, Jennifer Taylor, Luke and I scouted out a couple of Ocean Fluke spots for this upcoming week. We got right on top of the structure and Luke boated the first keeper at 18.5 inches. We scored keeper Fluke on the next few drifts to 6 pounds. We finished in the bay and boated two more keepers to 5 pounds. Jen was the high hook catching 5 out of our 7 keepers (18.5, 19, 19, 20, 23, 23, 24). Awesome day on the water with the family!! I think the Ocean is ready for charters!!!

Side note - If Jen sees debris (balloon) in the ocean, we always have to net it - I guess good Fluke karma!!

Bay/Inlet charter - Nick Grimshaw

I had new client Nick Grimshaw of Wayne, NJ and his father Alex of Fulton, NY on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We worked a variety of areas, before finally finding a halfway decent bite of fish for 2 hours. We worked S&S BigEye bucktails over deeper bottoms to produce over 35 fish with 2 keepers at 18 inches each. The bite has definitely cooled off slightly of how it was last week, but it should regain with the lessening tidal current of the recent New Moon. Nice job and look forward to seeing the guys next year!

Bay/Inlet Charter - Peter AuBuchon charter

In the afternoon, I had return clients Peter AuBuchon of PA with his daughter Maria. We had tough conditions for a majority of the trip having wind against tide drifts. The tide was really ripping which made it tough for proper presentation of the jigs. But we worked hard and Pete and Maria jigged the S&S BigEyes to put 3 keepers (21, 18.5, 18) in the box. The tide was really ripping which made it tough for proper presentation of the jigs.
The father-daughter team did a great job in very challenging conditions.

Bay/Inlet Charter - Russ Johnson

In the morning, I had return clients Russ Johnson, Alan Gordon and his son Andrew on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We started working some of the same areas as our last trip, but the bite was definitely off possibly due to the recent rains and slight change in salinity or New moon tides. We had to move around a lot to find feeding fish. The guys worked very hard to boat 30 Fluke with 2 keepers at 19 and 21 inches.