Bay/Inlet Charter - Jutta Locker

Once the water settles and we get some cooler temperatures, the season should kick off.  It's been a little slow with Bluefish cooperative on the tides and Weakfish around during early morning or night.  Weakfish during the day require chumming with grass shrimp. 

This past Friday afternoon I had Jutta Locker and her daughter Jessica from Utica, NY on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip.  We started working a channel close to the inlet drifting live Peanut Bunker and working soft plastics.  With no takers, we moved to the inlet which was fishable even though there was a leftover swell from Tropical Storm Maria.  We drifting live and fresh baits, and both clients hooked into Blues 7 to 10 pounds.  The bite only lasted about a 1/2 hour, and quickly died as the brown water moved in.  We continued to work different areas getting only subtle bites which were most likely snapper Blues.  The Coast Guard graced us in the last 10 minutes of the charter to perform a routine safety check.  We PASSED!  Nice job by both clients on a rather tough day!

Bay/Inlet Charter - Multi-Species Trip

This past week I had Patrick and Nancy M. of Virginia on a 4hr Bay& Inlet trip and the goal was to target a variety of species. The ocean swell left the inlet unfishable, so Plan B was to work different areas by drifting fresh baits in the back. Patrick hooked up with small Sea Bass, while Nancy who never fished before, would've caught her limit of keeper Fluke to 6.5 pounds. All of the Fluke caught were above the 18-inch limit and RELEASED. It stinks that the season is prematurely shut down. Patrick threw artificials, but couldn't raise any Striped Bass.


Bay/Inlet charter - Multi-September Species

I had repeat client Bruce Connor of Illinois and his daughter Emma of Washington DC on a 5 hr Bay & Inlet charter, which was supposed to be an inlet/ocean trip. With higher than expected winds of 15 to 20 knots, we stayed in the backbay and were only able to work part of the inlet as the conditions were very tough. We didn't catch a large quantity due to the conditions, but managed Fluke, Sea Bass, Sea Robins, Triggerfish, and a 36-inch Bluefish. Great job by both anglers on a very challenging day!! Thanks to Greg Carr for giving me a hand filleting the Triggerfish!

Striped Bass charters are starting to book up!

Over the last few days we have had high winds up to 35-40 knots and high seas, which has basically put the "cancel" on my Monday 8-28 through Wednesday 8-30 Fluke charters.  We will be back out there for the close of Fluke season over the weekend and have afternoon availability on the last day of the season 9/5/2017.

On a positive note, I picked up my 50 Striped Bass Bonus Permits for the 2017 season and we can start keeping 24 to 28 inch fish starting September 1st through December.  I already have a few Saturdays in November booked, so if interested do not hesitate to book.  We will be running trips September though the 1st week of December.


Ocean Fluke charter

I had return clients Rob P and his buddy Matt out on a 5hr Ocean charter. We worked some of the same snags as my morning charter and got right on the fish. They did catch a lot more throwbacks, but landed 4 nice Fluke (27inch, 24, 19.5, 19). Rob landed his biggest Fluke to date at 27 inches weighing just over 7 pounds. All were caught on the S&S BigEye bucktail and they were pounding them. Thanks to Stanley Gola for producing such a quality product.

Ocean Fluke - Dan Unger and Art Diebel

I had return clients Dan Unger of Ship Bottom, his son Danny, and Art Diebel of Jackson with his son Bruce on a 5hr Ocean charter. As we approached the inlet, it was a little a more sporty than what the marine forecast indicated so we headed to a closer wreck. The crew caught a few shorts and 2 keepers (18, 22.5). With it finally laying down, we headed to one of my favorite snags and they added 3 more keepers to cooler including Art's 7 pounder. The team ended with 5 solid keepers (27, 22.5, 20, 19, 18). All were caught on the S&S BigEye bucktail tipped with artificial and natural baits.

Bay/Inlet charter - Nick Theyer

I had new client Nicholas Theyer of Wisconsin, his wife Debra, and their 3 boys (Luke-age 9, Ben-age 7, Matthew-age 3) on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We worked areas around the inlet in depths close to 20 feet to produce a decent amount of Fluke. This was the family's first time fishing for Fluke and learning how to jig bucktails. 9-yr old Luke caught 2 Keepers (19.5, 21 inches) while jigging the S&S BigEye bucktail. 7-yr old Ben had another nice fish on, but in his excitement brought too quickly to the surface and unfortunately lost it before it could be netted. The family did a great job for their first time Fluke fishing.

Bay/Inlet charter - Mike Herman

I had new client Mike Herman of NYC out with his 10year old daughter Dani for a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. Dani never fished for Fluke, but she was a quick learner jigging the S&S BigEye bucktail for two keeper Fluke (18, 18.5 inches). The father-daughter team caught a good number of Fluke with a throwback Sea Bass. We worked a variety of spots in the backbay and some "earlier season" areas are producing with the cooler water temperatures. Great job by both anglers who were new to bucktailing.

Bay/Inlet charter - Jason Black

Tough day with the winds for return clients Jason Black, his 4yr old son Tyler, and his friend Mike Weinstein and 6yr old daughter Belle who were on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. This trip was more about letting the kids have some fun catching. We did manage to put a solid 19 inch Fluke in the cooler among the 20 shorts. With about a 1/2 hour left in the trip, I picked up Tyler's younger brother Seth and Belle's younger sister Alice for a boat ride near Viking Village's Commercial fleet. Great job for a rather tough morning!

During/Post Eclipse - Bay/Inlet charter - Ed Valitutto

Fact - Fluke still bite during eclipses! Sorry, no eclipse photos as we were busy fishing!👍

I had Village Harbor Fishing Club member Ed Valitutto and member Alan Goracy along with their grandchildren Chaytan, Nicholas, Vincent, and Jacoby for a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. The boys were siked about fishing and they also had their eclipse glasses. We had much more challenging conditions with strong tide and stronger South winds than my morning charter. But the group caught over 30 Fluke on the S&S BigEye bucktail and boxed 4 keepers (20, 19, 19, 18). We fished a variety of areas and the boys and grandfathers did a great job! 11yr old Nick Rossi was the high hook catching the most fish along with 2 keepers himself.

Pre-Eclipse Bay/Inlet charter

I had Rob P and his father Bill of North Jersey out on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter. We started working the inlet for Bluefish as there was a little birdplay just outside. Once the Bluefish bite died, we worked some of the same areas as I did during last Thursday's charter (Friday's charter was cancelled due to weather). The father and son team worked the S&S BigEye bucktails to produce close to 30 Fluke with 4 keepers (19.5, 19. 18, 18). One of the throwbacks was previously tagged by Monmouth University.

Bay/Inlet charter (Morning & Afternoon)

I had a double trip today and both charters wanted to stay in the Bay/Inlet to work for Fluke.

First, I had the Connecticut crew of Matt DeSimone, his brother Dave DeSimone, and Bryan Zup with his father Bill on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We started off working some areas close to the inlet, before moving to the deeper channeled backwaters. The foursome ended the day with 5 keeper Fluke to 23 inches. Great job working the S&S BigEye bucktails!

Later in the afternoon, I had return client Derek Bowen, his wife Christina, and their daughters Megan and Dani on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We worked some of the same areas as the morning crew. We had good wind and tide, but crew caught over 30 Fluke, but could only muster Fluke to 17 inches. It was still a great day and nice to see the girls bucktailing.

Bay/Inlet Charter - Sue Harmer

We should be back out tomorrow (Thursday) as I have two trips booked. Yesterday's trips were cancelled and today's Ocean Fluke trip was also cancelled due to Small Craft Advisory!

On Monday, I had new clients Martin Harmer, his wife Sue, and their friends John Pirraglia and his wife Tamera on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip. With the likelihood of two of the 4 getting seasick, we stayed in the confines of Barnegat Bay to work for Fluke. The bite was somewhat off, but the two couples managed to catch around 20 Fluke with 1 keeper to 19 inches and a few Bluefish. They did a great job for their 1st time bucktailing and sent me pics of their blackened Bluefish and Fluke dinner!!

Bay/Inlet charter - Steve Hartley

I had Steven Hartley, his wife Debbie Edmiston, and her son Tristan of Philadelphia, Pa on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We started working some of the same bay areas as the day prior and had to weed through the shorts to find keepable fish. After some moving around, they trio found two keepers at 19 and 20 inches. Good job for their first time bucktailing!

Bay/Inlet charter - Erik Lundbeck

In the afternoon, I had return client Erik Lundbeck, his son Axel, nephew Arthur and Arthur's girlfriend Ana Paden on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We started working the inlet area, but had strong tidal current and winds which made it challenging to say the least. With success in the morning, we ran to the same Ocean area but could only muster 2 keeper Fluke (19, 21 inches) among shorts. We had much quicker drifting conditions and many more Brown sharks in the area. We did see one small, what appeared to be a 2.5-3ft Blacktip shark in the area. 10yr old Axel did end up hooking up with a 4-5 foot Brown shark that ended up hitting his short Fluke on the way up. Tougher conditions, but still pretty good action for the crew!!