Thanks for a Great Season - See you in 2019!!

I would like to thank all of my clients for making 2018 special - we had a great season and I'm looking forward to 2019. We will be running some more wreck species trips as I’m getting more comfortable with the Minn Kota trolling motor. I have a couple of more improvements I will be doing for 2019 AND will hopefully see some of you at the boat shows. April will start schoolie Striped Bass in the backwaters and Tog on structure. Have a great holidays and happy healthy New Year!! We are already booking for 2019!!

MG charter - Tog

I ran our last charter over the weekend and had Mike G. with his two boys Mason and Bennet and friend Tom DiNapoli on a 5hr Blackfish/Tog charter. We left the slip with the mercury hovering at 25F and the Minn Kota trolling was a bit frozen from the day prior’s activity. Although I didn’t want to waste my coffee, I ended up pouring 40oz of hot coffee on the unit and it freed right up. We worked a bunch of wrecks and the guys ended the day with 10 keepers to 6 pounds picking through quite a few shorts.

Bruce Conner charter - Tog

I had return client Bruce Conner from Illinois on a SB/Tog charter. With the Stripers being small from the previous days report, Bruce opted to Tog some of the wrecks. We worked a few pieces in deeper water, but we were met with short period waves which made it a little tough to hold. But as the seas laid down, we moved around with ease using the MinnKota Ulterra trolling motor. Bruce ended the day catching and releasing over 40 Tog keeping 9 for the table. Great day on the water!! A big shout out to Tyson Alvanos for providing some MinnKota swag for my charters and seminars!!  #MInnKotaNation.

Judi Stiegler - Tog/Striped Bass

I had return client Judi Stiegler and her son Chris on a afternoon Striped Bass charter. With the bite slowing from the morning, they opted to attempt Tog fishing as this was their 1st time. We stopped on a small piece and the worked the area using the MinnKota trolling motor and I moved us around in 5 foot increments. Chris and Judi got the hang of it and quickly starting catching after a bunch of misses. They worked through 25 shorts to box 4 keepers with some time to search for Stripers. Unfortunately, the bite was almost dead in the late afternoon even though I had great marks. #MinnKotaNation

David Potts Striped Bass charter

I had new clients David Potts and his friend Josh Dean on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. We started working some areas North in search of Stripers and found some fish tight to the beach. I used the MinnKota trolling motor to spot-lock us just outside the breakers as the fish were feeding in the area. The guys picked close to 20 Striped Bass with 1 tagged fish at 24". Almost all of the bass ranged between 20-22 inches. Most were caught on the S&S Slimfish. #MinnKotaNation

Tough conditions, but managed some fish.

Yesterday, I had return clients Doug Wainwright, his sons Doug Jr. and John on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. We started working the same area as the previous trip, but the fish were much slower on the bite. We had to grind it out and were finally rewarded with a 27inch and 36inch Striper. The guys went 2 for 3 before the conditions got a little too sporty with building seas. The waves were 4 to 5 feet with 3-4 seconds between waves. A tough day, but we boated a couple.

Another Good Striped Bass bite - fish to 41 inches.

Over the weekend, I had return clients Mike Pollina, John Lucas, and John Krause on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. We started working some areas that we had fish the trip prior, but after an hour without a touch - we moved. The move paid off as the trio went 7 for 10 on Striped Bass 36 to 42 inches. Great job by the guys!

Better Fishing Today - Rich Sanborn charter

Today was a decent bite as I had return client Rich Sanborn and his son Ryan on a pre-Thanksgiving charter. We worked with another charter captain Mikey Villanova and got right on the fish as we got got a late start. The father and son duo ended going 8 for 11 with Striped Bass up to 38 inches. They kept 4 Stripers, including a 25-inch SBBP tagged bass and released the rest which averaged 32-34 inches. We worked close to the beach for the last few hours of trip to find some of the tag Bass, but unfortunately only had a few bites from Bluefish on live Spot. The guys had a great time and all of the Stripers were caught on the Mojo's and Bunker Spoons.

Tough Fishing - Striped Bass very spotty

We had a relatively tough week as the Striped Bass bite has been very spotty. You have to put your time in trolling as there hasn't been the usually jetty bite or jig bite that we typically get. We worked areas as far north as the Axel Carlson, and we had some Tog but most were in the 14 to 14.5 inch range. Mike Pollina's charter scored a solid 25 pound bass, and then we finished the trip Tog fishing which Mike brought up a nice 8 to 9 pound Lobster which let go as it hit the surface. Another charter had short Tog and Striped Bass to 22 inches caught on the jig. We trolled for 3 hours without a touch, it seems the morning trips have had more action as they have been shutting down in the afternoon. It can only get better!

Striped Bass to 30 pounds and Tog to 11lb - Pa-Pow!!

I had return client Paul Kaufman, his son Conrad, and friend Brian Fisola on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. With rather dirty water at the inlet, the crew opted to get on the troll in an area where we had them before. We pulled S&S Mojos and spoons and we went 2 for 2 with two nice 25-30 pound fish. With some time left, I hit a couple of choice snags and the Minn Kota trolling motor kicked ass again. We had a lot of Spiny Dogfish, some short Tog, and 3 keepers to 11 pounds. Great job by Paul for catching his personal best Tog! #MinnKotaNation

After charter - Quick Tog with LT

My mom and son were at the inlet as we rolled in from the yesterdays charter and they met us at the dock at Bobbies Boats in Barnegat Light. Luke wanted to go back out for Blackfish after my charter - how could I say No? So we turned and burned and used the Minn Kota trolling motor to spot-lock us on one snag. He had 5 fish before I could drop my rig in the water, and recorded his 10yr old personal best a solid 5 pound Tog. We ended with 14 fish released and had our limit on a 5 and 6 pounder in less than 1 hour. Luke did amazing for his first Togging trip!!  #MinnKotaNation

11-8 Mike Galindo charter - Stripers and Tog

Yesterday I had return clients Mike Galindo and his two boys Mason and Bennet on a 5hr charter. We made a quick stop at near the Lighthouse but had ripping tides, so we opted to head on the troll early as I received a few phone calls. We trolled for the next 3 hours, and finally were rewarded with a 20 pound Striper than Mason reeled in. With the bass on board and limited time left, the crew opted to end with Tog. We hit a couple of snags to catch a quick 4-man limit and Mike caught his personal best at 7.5 pounds. The Minn Kota trolling motor operated flawlessly allowing us to quickly move in 5 foot lengths on the snag.  #MinnKotaNation

Grind Two - Doug Wainwright charter - tough fishing

On Wednesday, I had return clients Doug Wainwright, Tim W., and Charles F. on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. We worked some areas along the inlet and boated a few Dogfish and one 24-inch tagged Striped Bass. With the tide dying out, we attempted a few close areas for Blackfish, but we were again plagued by turbid water. We moved further in the backwaters and the crew managed 8 more short Striped Bass. The guys did have a blast catching them on light-tackle. Again, it was another grind!!

Sundays charter - it was a grind.

Weather has been tough this week, but we did manage to get out. We started earlier in the week with return clients Dave Kashak, his son Chase, Jaime Scattoh and his son Max on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. It was a tough day, we had to grind quite a few areas. We worked the areas around the inlet, but it was a little sporty for the boys and then tried a few close snags for Blackfish. Unfortunately we couldn't get a bite due to dirty water. We headed in the backwaters and found some cooperative Stripers which we ended up keeping one tagged 24 inches. The crew ended with 10 Stripers all on live bait.