Monday through Thursday's trips - Severe weather kept us in the bay!

The past week was busy between the severe storms, AC Airshow, and charters. After the severe storms on Monday, I had Brian Hunsinger and his wife Beverly on a quick Sea Bass trip to repeat their postponed charter. They limited on nice Sea Bass to 18 inches and then caught a few short fluke.

Next, I had return client's Derek Bowen, daughter Dani, and his wife Christina as they have been with me for the last 6 years. We started working some areas for Fluke and Derek landed two nice keepers followed by a bunch of shorts. We continued to work, but it slowed down. We hit a spot near the inlet to produce Sea Bass, Triggerfish, Porgies, Fluke, and a Spinner shark that hung by the boat.

Wednesday Airshow - Amazing time in Atlantic City followed by some shopping at Bass Pro Shops.

Thursday's trips were bay due to the ocean conditions and small children. We hung inside and caught Blowfish, Fluke, small Sea Bass, and Bluefish. The morning trip I had return client Guy Critelli, his son Joe, son-in-law Ray, grandson Matt, and nephew Frank on a 3hr Blowfish charter. They boys quickly boxed over 75 Blowfish and released a bunch more. We changed to Fluke for the last hour and Frankie missed his opportunity by bringing the only "would be" keeper straight to the surface. Still a great trip.

In the afternoon, I had return client's Jason Black and his two boys Seth-4, Tyler-6 and Mike Weinstein and his two daughters Alice-4 and Belle-7. We started on Blowfish, but had slightly more challenging conditions as the winds and current shifted. The crew boxed 20 nice keepers and released a lot of small ones. We ended with Fluke and Belle caught a few that were very close to 18.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's trips

Thursday: We had some nice keepers yesterday with the return client Bob Reim charter picking up 8 nice keepers to 7 pounds (27.5 inches) in the morning. The crew worked the S&S Pink Shine Bigeye to produce the majority of the fish. The released approximately 40 shorts. The afternoon had some harder conditions and new client Mongon charter caught approximately 30 shorts keeping two for the table. We had wind against tide conditions, but the Minn Kota motor made the difference! #MInnKotaNation #Humminbird#SSBucktails

FRIDAY: Similar results for today's double. The morning crew with return client Steven Hartley of Philadelphia and his sons & nephew boxing 5 keepers to 22 inches. They released approximately 25 shorts and some small Sea Bass. The afternoon was much harder with different conditions as I had return client Judy Stiegler and her family. They worked very hard to release 20 short Fluke and box 2 keepers to 19.5 inches. They also caught Bluefish and some Blowfish that hit the Fluke rigs.

I had new client Jason Delia of North Jersey with his 14yr old son Garrett on a 5hr Ocean charter. We worked a wreck to box a quick limit of Sea Bass and then headed to the Fluke areas. It was a tough bite today as most of the Fluke were in the 16 to 17 inch range. We lost one real nice fish on the bucktail and that was our only opportunity. Garrett did a great job for his 1st ocean charter!!

Pete AuBuchon charter - limit of bay Fluke

Sometimes I love FOG!!!! Way less Boaters, Anglers, and Googans and the added benefit that I can stay out of sight. I had return client Pete AuBuchon of PA with his daughter Maria on a 4hr bay charter. With cooler water, we fished way in the backwaters to box a limit of 6 Fluke to 22 inches for the father-daughter team. With lots of time left, we hit the inlet area for a steady pick of Tog to 18 inches and a lone Triggerfish! Awesome time!!! #MinnKotaNation #Humminbird #MoreFog

Monday charter - Weidner Family

The day prior I had return clients Dan Weidner, his daughter Naomi, James Weidner and his son James Jr on a 4hr bay charter. We worked some areas close to the inlet before heading in the back. The crew released probably close to 25 shorts keeping 3 nice ones for the table.

Thursday through Sunday's actio

End of the week was busy and didn't have time to update. We managed to pick anywhere between 1 and 5 keepers through Saturday.
Sunday's trip: The Ocean bite was a little challenging yesterday with strong current and fast drift. I had return clients Matt Windover, Charles, Mike Windover and Tom Barrett had to contend with a very slow pick managing one keeper at 21 inches and a 20-in Tog. Without the MinnKota, probably would've needed 3 drift socks. In total, I ran some 25 miles, but it was just not in the cards and that's probably the worst feeling as a charter captain as I always strive to get fish.

Wednesday's charter

I had return client Bob Cipolla and his son Chris on a 5hr Ocean charter and we started in the bay as we waited out a T-storm with lots of lightening. Once far enough offshore, we worked our way out to the grounds and worked the area thoroughly. They caught their 2-man limit with a decent amount of throwbacks. Chris thought he was hooked on a decent Fluke, but it ended up being a Cutlassfish. Afternoon trip was cancelled due to the winds.

Tuesday's charters

Today I had a double trip with the morning 4hr bay charter with new clients Matt Varhley, Barry Louchemier, Bob Kelly, Kevin Kelly, and Scott Oliveria. We worked hard and had a wet morning with some unexpected weather, but the crew worked hard to put 5 fish in the box with a nice 24.5 incher. 

In the afternoon, I had return clients Tom Dillon, Micheal Kelly, and Kieran Brennan on the 4hr afternoon charter. We had to dodge some weather with T-storms, but the crew managed to box 5 nice keepers to 23 inches before the trips end. Great job by both crews today!!

Monday's charter

I had Jack Thompson, his father John, sister Misha Melches and Mark Melches on a 4hr bay charter. We worked a few areas closer to the inlet and the foursome caught over 30 Fluke keeping 2 nice Fluke for the table. 81yr old John caught the high hook with a solid 23 incher and it was a well deserved bday Fluke. They did have 5 that were very close to 18 inches. Great job!!

A few days off the water - back at it on Monday!!

I literally have only had 2 days off since the end of the school year, as I have been chartering everyday. We took a mini-vacation to see some baseball and sites in Baltimore, MD. Hanging with the fishes today - National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Even at the aquarium - it's nice to see Fluke close to structure. Wishing I could throw a line tipped with a bucktail down there!!

Good fishing today - 4 solid keepers

I had Nick Scolaro in family from Clark, NJ on a 4hr charter and we targeted some of the same areas as the day before, but the fish were a little reluctant on the bite. We ended on moving around a bunch and the crew picked 4 solid keepers (22.5, 21, 20, 19) and a 12 inch puffer. They did release a few puffers and a good number of Fluke approaching 17.5 inches. NICE JOB!!

1 shy of yesterday's total, but 7 keeps still solid _ Barnegat Bay action

I had new clients Rick Carlucci, his two boys Dan (14) and Dominick (15), and his father Bob C. on a 4hr bay charter. We worked some areas with a few different baits and new lures by S&S bucktails. The crew released over 35 fish putting 7 nice keepers in the cooler (18, 18.5, 19.5, 20, 20, 21, 22). The 14yr old Dan had the high hook with 3 nice keeps. Great job again. The trolling motor performed outstanding keeping us on a few isolated edges where the fish were concentrated. #MinnKotaNation #SeeWhatsOutThere #TeamSSBucktails #PureFishing #PennReels

Good day Fluking shallow water

I had return clients Tom Dillon and his son Tommy along with neighbors Raul Carmelo and his son Rauley on a 4hr bay trip. Tommy is Villanova bound this Fall and Rauley will be attending Rider University, so the trip was a special trip for the father and sons. We started working some shallow areas and picked up a few fish. As the tide changed, it was game on with the crew boxing 8 keepers to 5 pounds releasing about 50 fish.

Early week trips

Early in the week, I had new client Joe Lakawicz & family on a 4hr bay trip. We continued to work some of the same areas of the past few days and the crew released about 25 Fluke with 3 nice keepers (22, 20, 19). 

Next, I had return client Raj Nichani, his wife Debbie and two daughters Priya (10) and Pasha (7) on a 2hr Blowfish trip. This was the 1st trip for the girls targeting Blowfish in Barnegat Bay and they quickly got the hang of it with the family keeping over 25 for the table. They also caught Sea Bass, Bluefish, and juvenile croaker.

Weekend charter

Yesterday I had new clients Adam Lustberg and his father in law Sean H. on a 4hr bay charter. We worked a few areas and the pair found 2 nice keeper Fluke (18.5 & 20 in). They had over 25 fish with some being 1/4 to 1/8 inch shy of 18 inches. We switched over to Blowfish for the remaining hour and they boxed 45 to 10 inches. Awesome day on the water!!

6 trips the last 3 days - no time to update!! (9lb Bay Doormat this week)

Over the hot weekend, my son had a travel baseball tournament in PA so I was not on the water. Weather was questionable on Monday and not good on Tuesday, so we ran doubles the rest of the week. The last few days I have been busy running 2 trips per day (6 trips in 3 days) - it was a tougher week as we had more outgoing water than incoming. Fluke fishing the bay was tough, but we grinded through averaging 25 to 45 Fluke per trip. This week the trolling motor was a major asset allowing us to pick keepers when others were going the wrong way. I love the looks we get from other anglers when the trolling motor is in action. Most of the trips had 3 keepers and we did land a 9 pound doormat in the Barnegat Bay on a S&S Bigeye bucktail tipped with fresh bait. We also ran a sole Blowfish trip where we boxed 221 and a combo Fluke/Blowfish trip boxing 55 in 40 minutes. #MinnKotaNation#TeamSSbucktails #PennReels #StCroixrods #GLoomis #PureFishing