LIMIT SEA BASS (morning) and over 15 Stripers for afternoon (bay/inlet trip)

In the morning, I had return client Art Diebel and his two son’s Walter and Bruce on a 5hr Sea Bass trip. We worked a single snag to produce our 4-man limit of Sea Bass along with Triggerfish. Art had speared them as a kid, but never caught one on rod and reel until this trip. Nice job by the crew in sporty conditions.

In the afternoon, I had return client Joe T, his son Steve T. and friend Eric, the guys opted for a Striped Bass trip. We worked the inside to release over 15 Stripers while they kept 5 for the table. All fish were caught on live bait, and this was Steve and Eric’s 1st-ever Stripers. Great job and this kicked our Striped Bass season.


LIMIT Sea Bass

I had return client Paul Kaufmann, his son Conrad, and Steve Scharf and his son Pete on a 5hr Sea Bass charter. We hit one snag landing over 100 Sea Bass and keeping our 50-fish limit along with Triggerfish and Fluke (released). With some time remaining, we worked a few wrecks for Tog, but the water was extremely churned up from the last Northeaster. Still a great day on the water.

Narragansett Striped Bass

A break from NJ - Fri to Sun trip to Rhode Island with Luke, Jen, and my in-laws. Of course we didn’t forget the rods. Early morning Narragansett Stripers for Luke and I - All caught on the SS Rockhopper tipped with pink RonZ. (Luke also caught 18in Sea Bass and I missed a False Albie ~ not pictured)

Afternoon 9/21 - Jen and Luke; Fall openings listed

We had to try to catch a few for the table for the official last day - my wife Jen, son Luke, and I worked a few channels with live bait to produce 3 keepers to 21 inches. Luke was the high-hook with 2 keeper Fluke (19, 21) and a small Bluefish.

With the Fluke season finished, it’s time for re-tooling the boat for Sea Bass, Tog, and Striped Bass.  I will be plying the backwaters for Striped Bass, Weakfish, Bluefish, and even Blowfish and have several available weekends in October for these bay species.  The rest of October and November offer alot of possibilites as we will be fishing for Sea Bass, Tog, or Striped Bass — or some combination of them depending on your preference.

November is almost completely booked for Striped Bass and/or Tog, except for the weekend of November 9th/10th.  In addition, I do have some weekdays available (11/4, 11/6, 11/8, 11/27 afternoon, 11/29).  We have made significant upgrades this past season, and look to have a successful fall fishing season.

Last day fluking - 9 keepers for new clients!!

We ended the 2019 Fluke season with 9 keepers to 4 pounds in a 4hr bay charter!! I had new clients James Paton, Jonathan Warner, and his son John on a 4hr bay charter. It was live bait and game on - the trio got their 9 fish LIMIT to end our Fluke season. 260 keepers for the season! Next up Sea Bass, Tog, and Striped Bass.

Friday afternoon - Good bay Fluking 7 keepers

Yesterday afternoon I had new clients Mike Buckley, Steve Dominick, and Roger Aquilino on a 4hr Bay charter. They originally booked me for an Ocean Fluke trip, but the groundswell has had the bite very slow. We stayed in the bay drifting live baits and the trio boxed 7 keepers to 6.5 pounds. The biggest was over 25 inches caught by Steve and was his personal best. Great job!

Tuesday's afternoon

I had new clients Roger Bacharach and his wife Trudi of LBI on a 4hr bay charter. We pounded a few areas and found some life on the edges of one of the channels. The crew released close to 20 Fluke and boxed 4 keepers to 20 inches. We also caught Sea Bass, Jacks, and Bluefish. Great job by the husband and wife team!

Monday's trip - 4 nice keepers (Ocean)

I had Bill Nankervis, his daughter Olivia, and his employees William Ribririo and Mario Costa on a 4hr Ocean charter. We didn't have much time so hit our farthest wreck 1st and then worked our way in. It was extremely slow with less than a dozen Fluke caught, but 4 of them were quality with a 24.5, 23.5, 22, and 18.25 inch Fluke making it into the box. We had a few Fluke that were close to 18inches, along with out of the season Sea Bass.

Sunday's Fluke charter - 3 nice keeps

I had new clients Tony Berardo and his college buddy Ralph Wiesner on a 4hr Fluke charter. We worked some areas and had about 10 shorts and 1 lost keeper. With relatively slow action, I hit a wreck close to the inlet and the guys picked through a few fish to box 3 nice keepers (22, 22, 23.5in). I guess there is a 1st for everything, in the midst of one of our drifts I took a "Bill Dance style plunge into the water without a rod in the hand as I walked from the bow to the stern (which I have done over 10,000 times without incident)". The only thing I lost was a little of my pride, but at least the water was refreshing and wet!!

Thursday through Friday's trips - heavy winds Bay Blowfish

Earlier in the week - we were stuck in the bay with dirty water and high winds. With the Fluke bite tough, a few new charter families opted for Blowfish and they all had a great time bailing them among the Sea Bass, few short Fluke, juvenile Porgies, and some small Bluefish. We were averaging about 40+ keeper Blowfish for the trips.

Today's trip

One of last summer charters as I go back to weekday afternoons and weekends schedule after Tuesday.
Today - I had the Fluke cooperate with return clients David Block and his 12yr old son Braiden on a 5hr Ocean trip. We started working some isolated wrecks and had a few shorts along with a solid 6 pound Fluke. With the winds approaching 20 and whitecap conditions, we headed closer inshore to box 2 more keepers with one being close to 7 pounds and a 19 incher. It was definitely tough fishing with the winds and tide, but the boys had a great time - only took a few over the bow!! It was an absolute pleasure working with one of the best charters out of Barnegat Light - Captain Greg Carr. Also a huge thanks to Vince Chiaro of Bobbie's boats for allowing us to run our LBI charters out of his location!!

Wednesday's trip - Barnegat Bay Slam

I was able to make it out this morning after cancelling the last 6 charters due to the weather/winds. I had new client Mark Brauning of NY with his two boys Nate-14 and Scott-9 and their cousin Leo Zasolt-11 on a soggy 4hr Bay charter. We tried some areas near the inlet to find dirty water and strong winds & current conditions. We worked some other shallower areas and the boys landed 3 nice keepers to 19.5 inches along with a keeper Weakfish and Bluefish. They were a Striped Bass shy of the Barnegat Bay Grand Slam.

Friday's trip - Gino A and Lou M.

I was cancelled for my weekend trips due to the winds/weather. On Friday, I had Gino Arbasetti and his neighbor Lou Marero on a 4hr bay charter. We had good tidal conditions and the the Fluke were feeding in some of the locations. The guys worked hard and caught close to 25 Fluke in rain-soaked conditions keeping two for the table. All fish were caught on the S&S Bigeye bucktail. This was Gino and Lou's 1st bucktailing. Great job!

Monday through Thursday's trips - Severe weather kept us in the bay!

The past week was busy between the severe storms, AC Airshow, and charters. After the severe storms on Monday, I had Brian Hunsinger and his wife Beverly on a quick Sea Bass trip to repeat their postponed charter. They limited on nice Sea Bass to 18 inches and then caught a few short fluke.

Next, I had return client's Derek Bowen, daughter Dani, and his wife Christina as they have been with me for the last 6 years. We started working some areas for Fluke and Derek landed two nice keepers followed by a bunch of shorts. We continued to work, but it slowed down. We hit a spot near the inlet to produce Sea Bass, Triggerfish, Porgies, Fluke, and a Spinner shark that hung by the boat.

Wednesday Airshow - Amazing time in Atlantic City followed by some shopping at Bass Pro Shops.

Thursday's trips were bay due to the ocean conditions and small children. We hung inside and caught Blowfish, Fluke, small Sea Bass, and Bluefish. The morning trip I had return client Guy Critelli, his son Joe, son-in-law Ray, grandson Matt, and nephew Frank on a 3hr Blowfish charter. They boys quickly boxed over 75 Blowfish and released a bunch more. We changed to Fluke for the last hour and Frankie missed his opportunity by bringing the only "would be" keeper straight to the surface. Still a great trip.

In the afternoon, I had return client's Jason Black and his two boys Seth-4, Tyler-6 and Mike Weinstein and his two daughters Alice-4 and Belle-7. We started on Blowfish, but had slightly more challenging conditions as the winds and current shifted. The crew boxed 20 nice keepers and released a lot of small ones. We ended with Fluke and Belle caught a few that were very close to 18.