Bay Fluke charter - Tim Murphy

I had return client Tim Murphy and his son Kevin of Warwick, PA on a 4hr Fluke bay trip. We dodged a few weather systems, but the Fluke were cooperating and the father-son team released over 30 Fluke with two solid keepers at 19 and 21 inches. We worked some edges and had bait being pulled into deeper areas - almost textbook as the Fluke were on the feed. It's nice to be able to stay on the edges thanks to the MinnKota trolling motor. All fish came on the S&S Big Eye tipped with natural baits and Bass Pro Shop fly teasers. Great day on the water with almost no boat traffic!! #MinnKotaNation #SSBucktails

Father's Day charter & Bass Pro Shops

I had new clients, Joe Antonelli and his son Marcus of Florida on a 4hr mixed species bay trip. We started working the backwaters with 20++ knot winds and wind against tide conditions. The Minn Kota trolling motor did a great job keeping us with the current, but the water was churned up and made for tough conditions. We only could put 7 shorts on the boat for the first 1.5 hours, and we made the change to fish for Striped Bass and Bluefish at the inlet. Rough conditions, but the father and son team managed a bunch of Striped Bass to 24 inches and Bluefish to 8 pounds on the 1 1/2 oz S&S Bigeye bucktail tipped with artificials. After the charter, I turned and burned to do a special event at Bass Pro Shops in Atlantic City. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers' out there!!

Sun - Heavy Winds and Keeper Fluke

On Sunday, I had return client Bob's Sealcoating LLC out of Moorestown, NJ on a 4hr bay trip. We checked the inlet, but it was too rough so we hit the backwaters for Fluke. The guys worked hard in wind against tide conditions, but the Minn Kota Ulterra proved it's worth easily navigating with the current in 15-20 knot winds. The guys landed approximately 22 Fluke with 2 nice keepers at 22 and 18 inches. All Fluke were caught on the S&S Bigeye tipped with natural baits.

Sat - Striped Bass and keeper Fluke

On Saturday, I had new clients Keith Gramlich and his wife Lisa on a 5hr bay/inlet charter. We started working the inlet in foggy conditions and the both hooked up on Striped Bass to 24 inches. Lisa caught her first-ever Striped Bass in the rough conditions! With the tide change, we moved to the backwaters and the duo landed close to 25 Fluke with two solid keepers at 22.5 and 20 inches.

Fridays charters - June 7th

I had a busy weekend between running charters and working a few special events at the Bass Pro Shops store in Atlantic City. On Friday, I had return client Wainwright Landscaping out on a 4hr Bay charter for Fluke in the morning and we had decent action. The crew released close to 25 Fluke keeping 3 for the table (22.5, 21, 19).

in the afternoon, I had return client David Potts and his buddy David Cammarata on a 4hr bay trip. We worked the jetty for close to an hour with no takers and rough conditions. We switched to the backwaters and the guys boated close to 20 Fluke with 1 keeper at 22 inches. During the backwaters, we used Spot-lock on a school of Bluefish and the guys had them on every cast for an hour only keeping 4 for the table.

Another Barnegat Bay Slam - Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke

Another Barnegat Bay Slam - I had Damien Flanagan, Erik Einset, and James McHale on a 5hr Bay/Inlet trip. We first worked the inlet with S&S Rock hoppers tipped with artificials to release Striped Bass up to 24 inches and the guys boxed a couple of Blues. We played catch and release on Bluefish up to 10 pounds. With a change of tide, we worked the backwaters to catch and release 25 Fluke with 1 keeper at 24.5 inches. Nice job by the guys!

Barnegat Bay Slam - Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke

I had Jerald Gilbert and his wife Kerrie from Scranton, PA on a 6hr Bay/Inlet multi species trip. We started working the inlet area with S&S Rock Hoppers tipped with white grubs and the duo released a bunch of Bluefish to 3 pounds. Jerry got into some action with the fly rod with a Deceiver fly. We move to another area and worked it with both fresh bait and artificials to release some Striped Bass and more Bluefish. We moved to the backwaters to release over 25 Fluke keeping 7 for table to 6 pounds. All of the keepers fell for the S&S Bucktails BigEye Series. We did find some structure around 9 feet that held some of the keepers. A great job by both anglers for working hard with heavy south winds and rain!

Family Sea Bass action

In between charters, I was able to run two friend/family Sea Bass freezer filling trips and we boxed 75 Sea Bass over two days with Luke catching the biggest at close to 24 inches. The Minn Kota trolling motor and Humminbird electronics kept us on top of a few small wrecks. A few fillets were delicious with fresh spinach.  #MinnKotaNation

Busy Memorial Day weekend - 4 trips

We ran 4 charters over the Memorial Day weekend working the bay and inlet for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke. The bay Fluke trips had numbers close to 20's with up to 2 keepers boated. Our bay and inlet Striped Bass and Bluefish trips have been catching cooperative Striped Bass to 24 inches and releasing Bluefish to 17 pounds on light tackle.

Sea Bass off the hook - 40keeper - FULL LIMIT

It was MINNKOTA Spotlock on Sea Bass - I had return client Mike Galindo along with his son Mason and co-worker Dave Stankiewicz on a 5hr Ocean Striped Bass charter, with very slow reports - the guys opted to hit some of our local wrecks for Sea Bass. Well, it was a great decision as the guys caught over 100 fish combined with 40 keepers up to 22 inches, along with Ling, Mackerel, and a small Bluefish. A great day on the water!!

5/17 through 5/19 - Striped Bass and Bluefish

We had 5 trips this past weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to update our fishing reports. We worked both the bay & inlet areas to catch and release over 30 Striped Bass along with 10 Bluefish on a few of the trips. We worked live, fresh, and artificial lures in the back to hook up with the Stripers which ran from 22 to 26 inches. Our Ocean Striped Bass trips have been tough with only a sporadic troll bite occurring within the 5hr window, so we have usually ended in the bay/inlet for Stripers and Bluefish.

Striped Bass and Bluefish - Barnegat Bay: Rich Sanborn charter

Over the weekend, I had return client Rich Sanborn, his two sons Sean and Ryan, and their family friend Andy Bill. Sean and Andy are members of the United States Navy, so thank you for your service to our country! We started the morning with strong winds and wind against tide conditions, but the crew worked through the conditions with the Minn Kota to produce 12 short Striped Bass to 25 inches and a 26-inch Bluefish. Andy hooked into a larger Striped Bass on the second to last drift, but the line broke as it surfaced in the current.

Epic fishing on the last day of Tog - Limit in 27 minutes

I snuck out after school and was able to get a quick limit of Tog on the last day on the season. It took only 27 minutes to boat 4 fish to 7 pounds. Released another 25 Tog (some keepers) during the remaining time and still made Luke's Little League game!!

Tog up to 10 pounds - Striped Bass and Fluke released!

I had return client Bruce Conner from Illinois on a 5hr Tog charter. We started working a shallow wreck and ended with 7 keepers with an 8 and 10 pounder. We had a lot of action all morning and the trolling motor held great despite winds in the 20s. We ended the trip in the shallows releasing some schoolie Striped Bass and a couple keeper Fluke. A bit rough, but a great day out! Bruce caught his personal best Tog a little over 8 pounds on the S&S Tog jig.

Better day today

What a difference a day makes - the swell died down and the fish responded. Luke and I headed to a few distant wrecks and we had our limit of Tog with the biggest close to 6.5 pounds. We hit 5 different pieces all without touching a rope! Minn Kota Spot Lock.