Post Sandy

This will most likely be my last fishing report for 2012. I say this with a heavy heart because fall striped bass fishing is one of my favorite fisheries. I always look forward to the fall fishing finale. Although my vessel did not sustain any damage, I have made the decision to reschedule all of my fall striped bass charters for Spring 2013. It is in the best interest and safety of my clients

 as well as my vessel to forgo this fall due to the devastation of Sandy. In addition to the DEP issuing a warning for consuming fish caught in our coastal waters due to the high amounts of pathogens; the amount of debris inhabiting Barnegat Bay and it's surrounding waters is unimaginable and makes navigating unsafe. It has been a very tough week with many friend's boats, homes, and businesses destroyed by this storm. I know the fish will be there in the Spring and Reel Reaction Sportfishing will be ready.