Dave Colwell Charter - Striped Bass

I had Dave Colwell, Scott Dean, and Shaun Webster of Cherry Hill NJ out on an early Saturday charter.  We fished a variety spots and had to turn and burn to catch the bite.  The trio was game for all tactics - jigging, live-lining, and trolling.  I had them jigging AVA's, bucktails, Bkd's, and S&S Flutterjigs in which we boated every bait species in the Atlantic: adult bunker, herring, mackerel, snapper bluefish, sundial flounder, and squid.  But the S&S flutterjig (sandeel color) proved it's weight with Scott hooking up on two beautiful Striped Bass, and the trio landed a third on the troll.  The key to jigging the bass is to keep it very close to the bottom - all of the bass had bellies full on sand-eels and we're caught in 60++ ft of water.