1st Week of June Report

In general the conditions have been sporadic with windy days followed by narrow window good days, but the bay is full with dinner size flatties – fish those edges and work those channels. Most of the fish that we have been getting have bellies filled with baby calico crabs, grass shrimp, and some bigger sized fish that could not be identified. Fish are hitting on the moving tides, so timing is important. My wife and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a fluke sortie, and then an evening out without the little one. We ended the day with a couple of keepers all ranging from 3 to 5 lbs – bucktails were the ticket. If interested in weekday afternoon fluke trips or weekend trips, I have open boat or full charters available. Starting June 21st, I will be running trips 7 days a week. If interested in booking a full charter or availability of open-boat, give me a ring 609-290-7709 or book through the website –


~ Capt. Brett Taylor Reel Reaction 609.290.7709