School's Out - It's Fishing Time

It's been a pretty busy week - school is officially out - which means I will be doing a lot of fishing.

To start off the week - I ran an afternoon boat trip for fluke and had Tom Duralek out catching some of our back bay flatties on bucktails. Unfortunately, the trip was short-lived due to a nasty afternoon thunderstorm which had the radio antenna and rods singing in the holders. Tom was able to put two nice 20" fluke in the box prior to our "lightening" departure. Later in the week, I had the Bryan Ingraham charter all the way from Colorado - booked for 2 days - rotating children on both trips. The first trip yielded a dismal fluke bite due to poor conditions (wind / snot grass), but we ended the first trip bailing Barnegat Bay blowfish. Rowan Ingraham (age 5) and Talia Kane (age 5) caught their first ever blowfish. Trip 2 offered better conditions with a variety of species cooperating - fluke, kingfish, blowfish, and bluefish. Emerson Ingraham (age 7) and Aviva Kane (age 7) also caught their first-ever fluke, blowfish, and kingfish. The parents and kids did a great job - hats off to them.