Early June Report

Subject: Reel Reaction Sportfishing Report

It’s been one busy week. Between our 20+mph winds and my work responsibilities, fishing the salt has taken somewhat of a backseat. Luckily I was able to sneak out for a couple hours on Sunday and boxed a couple of nice fluke before being blasted by the south winds. The throwback to keeper ratio was about 7 to 1, while we working the backwater. When your in the bay and have to power drift and have a sea anchor out – you know its windy. I’m looking forward to getting the chartering season going since the school year has officially started to wind down and my extracurricular activities have stopped. I will be running open boat / charter trips for fluke in the afternoons and full charter/open trips on the weekend. Once the temps start warming up outside - I'll be looking to run inshore fluke trips to box some of the bigger flatties - but right now it's a bay thing. Looking forward to calmer winds.