Ryan Miller Charter

Next was the Ryan Miller charter, with Dad (George), and Ryan's friend Jarred Bush of Northern Jersey out for a 4hr bay and inlet fish.  Prior to booking Ryan said that they wanted to catch fish and variety, and that's what they caught (sea bass, sea robins, fluke, bluefish).  The conditions were a little sporty early with North winds gusts approaching 20knots.  The team worked bluefish for the first half of the trip with bird/blitzing conditions in the inlet area.  Next, the objective was to put some fluke for the dinner table.  The trio worked very hard but only had lots of shorts and the two biggest shorts measured 17.25.  It was literally our last drift, and "Sea Robin" George boated a beautiful fluke - the fish weighed over 9lbs on the Boga grip and measured 27.5" - it was very thick.  This was George's first time fluking - it will be hard to repeat that. The fish were caught in the inlet area on our custom-tied fluke rigs tipped with fresh seined spearing.

I apologize for the bluefish cooler pic (gory), but bleeding them is the only way that will take some of the "fishy" taste out.  Any fast swimming species should be bled out (tuna/shark/etc) - it helps the quality of the meat.