Bluefish and Fluke bayside

This week we were blessed with steady 10-15knot south winds followed by the movement of a front through our area - it put the fluke bite off a little bit.  Early in the week I had a chance to boat some flatties with my 6yr son Luke and he fished the S&S Big Eye 1/2oz bucktail without any help from Dad managing to catch 8 fluke - unfortunately the biggest was 17 3/4 in and was promptly released.  There are lots of shorts around right now - which make it great for kids - but you have to work really hard for keepers.  My advice when fishing with kids is patience, patience, and patience - and make it fun for them.

Later in the week I had regular Bryan Ingraham, wife Rachel, and friend Rebecca Resnick along with their Colorado crew of four youngsters out on two back-to-back bay fluke trips.  All of the kids (Emerson Ingraham 8yr, Talia Kane 6yr, Aviva Kane 8yr, and Rowan Ingraham 6yr) did a fantastic job at fishing and keeping the minnows happy.  We fished both sides of the tide and had outgoing temps in the low 80's while our incoming temps hit 59.2F.  We played with bluefish early and boated some nice 3-6lb bluefish blitzing on spearing.  Although the conditions were tough (wind against tide) the crew managed to pick at the fluke with Rowan Ingraham (Age 6) picking up his first-ever keeper fluke (picture attached).  Rowan literally caught the fluke with out any help from his father - great job Rowan.