10/11/15 - 5hr Bay/Inlet Striped Bass Trip - Guy Critelli


Well, it's slowly coming together regarding the water clarity, temps, and bait.  I was out with my recently "retired" Dad (Mike) for a quick afternoon Thursday scout trip, and as we went through the DCC cut I saw that the water was very dirty knowing that the fishing would probably be on the poor side.  We worked the inlet jetty, and took a ride along the beach and the 3 mile lin to Seaside with no signs of life.  Even though the water was dirty, we marked occasional bait, but there was nothing on them.  On a positive note, once it cleans up there should be some fish around.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak for the members of Village Harbor Fishing Club on Fall Striped Bass Fishing.  Thank you very much to Village Harbor Fishing Club for giving me the opportunity as a guest speaker.  

On Sunday, I had Guy Critelli of Runamede, NJ, Cameron Gray of Virginia, and Rich Barnett of Perkasie, PA on a 5hr Bay & Inlet Charter targeting Striped Bass and Blowfish.  We started working the inlet and some bird action outside which were only small bluefish, so we moved back inside.  We were able to get into a nice bluefish, and also a Striped Bass on live bait, which was kept through our extra 25 tags via the NJ Striped Bass Bonus Program.  The crew had another run-off, and then we worked our way to the back were we targeted October Blowfish.  The trio kept 12 decent sized blowfish for the table.  The guys had a lot of fun, and had me in literally tears with some of the hysterics, great job and good fun, looking forward to seeing them on future trips.

Since I'm teaching, and weekends are the mainstay regarding charters, so please call if interested in getting out.   I will be running weekends from October through December for Striped Bass.  WEEKDAY RARITY - I will have a rare week of weekday charters available from November 2nd through 6th wide OPEN, and I'm planning on running 2 charters per day for that week.  As always only we use the highest quality tackle and gear.  Again, we have been given 25 Bonus Tags through the NJ Striper Bonus Tag Program - and when there gone, there gone.  All fish-cleaning, ice, live-bait, etc is provided (no extra fees), and we always use trolling as a last resort tactic.  If interested, please either book through the website ( www.reelreactioncharters.com ), or call my cell 609-290-7709