Afternoon Charter - Striped Bass - Ross Alber

In the afternoon, I had Ross Alber of Medford, NJ on a Striped Bass charter.  With a couple of phone calls of the fish "going off" north of here, we went straight to the area.  Our first drift we had 3 fish to 25lbs, and as Ross reeled up one of the Stripers, it had 4 other 25 pounders following it.  We moved and played catch -n-release with a few fish in the 20 lb range.  All on snag-n-drop bunker.  As daylight receded, we hit up the inlet area and got 2 quick slot fish in the 24 to 28 inch range. This was Ross first time fishing for Striped Bass on light-tackle, he's hooked!  On a side note, the rest of Ross's group opted to see the Eagles game and passed up fishing.  Well, they passed up an AWESOME Bass bite!