1st Trip of 2015 - Matt Windover's Bachelor Charter - EPIC

We're finally in after the long winter, and got booked for a 5hr Barnegat Bay Assault on the Bluefish by the Matt Windover Bachelor-Party Charter.  Uncle Tom Barnett, Brother Michael Windover, Larry McShane, Matt, and future-father-in-law Steve Simms had an EPIC bite on Barnegat Bay bluefish.  All of the blues weighed between 10-15lbs.  At one point, we had 4, and 5 guys hooked up at the SAME TIME - it made for cockpit craziness.  After non-stop action on topwater poppers, S&S Eel-Z's, and swimming plugs, we made an 1 1/2hr attempt at clamming for some striped ones.  But after two rogue bluefish run-offs, it was back to the adrenaline pumping bluefish action.  The guys did one of the best jobs at managing the blues - to have 5 hooked up at once on a 23ft boat with no tangles is something to be said.  Reel Reaction Sportfishing wishes Matt and his bride-to-be the best of luck on their wedding day and future.  To sum up the fishing right now - it is AMAZING.