Charter Trips through the week of 8/24 to 8/28/2015 - 4hr Bay & Inlet - Fluke

It's been a busy week with trips.  We had a slower pick of bay & inlet fluke in the beginning of the week, and better approaching the full moon towards the end.  We have been getting anywhere between 15 to 40 fish per outing. They are definitely starting to stage towards the Inlet.

First up, we had return client Art Diebel and his three kids (Nell-15, Walter-13, and Bruce-10) on a 4hr Bay & Inlet trip. We had some challenging drift conditions and were able to catch over 20 fish, with 1 lone keeper (21 in) caught by his daughter Nell.

Next up was return client Jason Black of Short Hills, and Michael Weinstein of Brooklyn, NY on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We started fluking, but the bite was less than optimal so we decided on hitting the breaking bluefish near the inlet. The two had a great time casting and hooking up with 2-5lb blues. We ended the trip fluking, but no keepers were to be had. Michael hooked into a huge cow-nose ray that took a good 15-20 minutes to bring boat-side.

Later in the week, I had return client Derek Bowen and his wife Christina, and daughters Megan and Dani on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We started working some backchannels and had a decent bite until the current switched. With a quick move, the foursome were into the fluke again, but this time Megan connected on a nice 19.5in fluke. Not to be outdone, her younger sister boxed a fat 19 incher on live bait. The family caught close to 40 fluke for the day with some small sea bass, sea robins, and calico crabs. Note - I think the girls gave names to every minnow that we sent down.

And ending the week, I had Chris Reidy and his son Aidan of Cranford, NJ on a 4hr Bay & Inlet charter. We worked a variety of locations and it seemed that we always had wind against tide, so power-drifting was the mainstay. The pair managed to box to nice 19-inch fluke, both caught by 10yr Aidan. Aidan can throw a cast net, bucktail fluke, and is developing to be one heck of an angler. Nice job!!