4hr Bay Trip - Shawn Visco and Family - Variety of Sept. Species

I had Shawn Visco and his wife Alex, and two daughters Alexandra (11yrs old) and Vivian (8yrs old) on a 4hr Bay Charter.  The bay charter was more suitable for the kids as it was their 1st time ever fishing on a boat - this was a catching trip rather than one targeting keepers (even though we tried).  The family did an AWESOME job catching a variety of species in the back - Fluke, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Sea Robin, Northern Puffers, and Atlantic Lizardfish.  Although Alexandra took a little while to get used to it, she ended up bailing most of the blowfish, while her sister (Vivian) caught the biggest fluke of the day at 17 inches.  The family had a great time on the bay, and it's awesome to see kids excited over all of the different species of fish Barnegat Bay has to offer.  This what makes chartering fun - seeing the genuine smiles on their faces, even over a 5-inch blowfish!  Love it!