Striped Bass have arrived...somewhat....water temps still 60F

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday had epic Striped Bass fishing as fish in the 30-40 pound range made it our area in which I missed due to some sports commitments. I was able to catch the tail end of the flurry with a quick trip with Tom Duralek and we got into some Striped Bass up to 42 inches. We had a few fish early and missed a few others, but we ended up releasing one of over 40 inches and kept 1 at 42 inches (due to it being gut hooked). First Striper trip of the Fall.

Later in the week, I had Ross Alber, his friend Gary Hennebery and Gary's grandson Anthony Mangiamere on a 5hr Striped Bass trip. We fished a variety of spots from Mantaloking to Barnegat Inlet, stopping at pod after pod, and finally going to the troll. We ended working the inlet with live bait, but unfortunately it wasn't in the cards as the pile of fish that was here earlier move way South. We did get some up and close pics/video of a couple whales working bait near Barnegat Inlet. Wildlife scenery about a 10, Fish cooperating about -10.