4hr Fluke Charter - Matt Bailey & kids getting it done!!

I had 5yr return client Matt Bailey of PA with his daughter Madison, son Jay, and their friend Julia Morrell (who never caught a fluke prior to today's trip). We fished a few skinny (aka shallow) areas early before the wind cranked and released a bunch of shorts and boxed a nice 18-inch keeper. Note that Jay had a nice fish on that took a quick dive upon seeing the boat and spit the hook - it's tail was BIG. Once the wind started to crank, we moved around and found a decent amount of fish boxing another 4 with Jay's nice solid 24 inch 5 pounder (weighed in at Bobbie's Boats). It was S&S Bucktails leading the way for all the keeps. Nice job by all with 5 total keepers (18, 18, 19, 19.5, 24) and a pleasure seeing Matt and his family year in and year out!!! Hope to see you next year!