4hr Bay Fluke Charter - Bill Groeling

I had Bill Groeling of Hackettstown with his son Will, and family friend Dave Horincewick of Bridgewater on a 4hr Bay Fluke trip. With the morning as the only time slot available, we had to fish less than ideal tidal conditions. As the water warmed, the bite slowed so we followed the cooler water out, but it was hard to find keepers biting. The first 2.5 hours of the trip had the shorts biting at almost drop, swing, and reel fishing. After that we moved around a lot to find a pick of shorts, and the lone keeper. The crew released well over 35 fish and boxed a solid 20-inch keeper along with a lone Bluefish. Nice job!!  

Note - In the 3rd pic, Dave is holding his doormat he snagged which we removed from the bay waters!