Family Opportunity - Ocean Fluke (2.5 hr trip)

I was booked a second trip for the afternoon by the "admiral", Jennifer Taylorand my 1st mate Luke, so we headed out with a quick phone call thanks to fellow Forked River Tuna Club member Paul Lenzo we got on some fish. We could only fish a few hours due to some other commitments, so again a huge thanks to Paul! (I definitely owe him a few beverages!) We had quite a few shorts, a bunch of missed fish, and kept 7 keepers for the table (18, 18, 18, 20, 21, 21, 21.5). Luke did a phenomenal job catching a few in the deep, and we also fed some live peanut bunker to a 3 foot Blacktip shark, got so close I could've netted him!! Note: Jen missed quite a few fish that had weight, which was blamed on either the rod or her being rusty, I'm not buying it!! Just an AWESOME day on the water!!!