Sunday/Monday report - 4hr Bay trips - lots of action

Last two trips had loads of action in the bay, but very tough on keepers.

First, I had Dan Snead and his daughter Emma of Rockaway Township, NJ on a 4hr Bay Fluke trip. We bucktailed a few different spots with the S&S Bigeye bucktail and the crew bailed over 50 throwback Fluke with 1 keeper to 21 inches. Emma was close on a lot of her fish with at least 10 being 17 to 17.5 inches. 

Next, I had return client Michelle Lambros and her 2 boys (Elias, Andreas) of Brant Beach and her nephew Ryan McKenny on a 4hr Bay Fluke trip. We had similar results with close to 60 undersized Fluke with 1 keeper to 20 inches. Ryan Mckenny was the top fisherman in the group releasing 18 fluke himself and catching the lone keeper.