Bay/Inlet charter - Russ Johnson

I had Russ Johnson of Long Beach Island, Alan Gordon of Florida, and Peter Smith of NY on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  We had a little more wind then the day prior, but were able to get right on the fish.  Russ struck first with a solid 19-inch on the first drift which was quickly boxed, followed by several shorts by Alan and Peter.  We worked the same area hard and picked at fish with close to 30 Fluke being released.  We lost 2 nice fish alongside the boat and it is so important to keep bigger fish below the surface.  It is not pleasant seeing a solid 4 to 5 pounder gently glide back down to the bottom.  With our next to last drift approaching, Russ nailed another solid 19.5 inch Fluke.  Overall it was a solid day and the guys had a blast.