Bay/inlet charter - John Imbrogno

I had new client John Imbrogno with his 9yr old son Nicholas and father Sonny Imbrogno on a 4hr Bay/Inlet charter.  Sonny never fished before and this was Nick’s second time, but they did a pretty good job at bucktailing Fluke.  We worked some shallow areas as keepers have been found as low as 2.5 feet on our last few trips.  It was the same on this trip as most of the keepers were boxed in the same depths.  Nick had the high hook with 10 fish and 2 keepers (18.5, 22 inch) followed by Sonny’s (21 inch) and John’s (19 inch).  The 3-generational crew did a great job boxing 4 keepers, while releasing close to 25 fish.  It has been pretty neat to see keeper fish hitting the lures in the shallow water.