4hr Bay Fluke trips - Steve Hartley (morning) & Steve Simms (afternoon)

It was a grind today in terms of finding keepers. In the morning, I had return client Steve Hartley of Philadelphia with his sons & nephews (Eugene, Mickey, and Byron). This was the first time the boys have fished for Fluke, so it was a learning experience bucktailing. We hit a variety of spots and the crew caught over 25 Fluke with 3 keepers (21, 20, 18.25).

In the afternoon, I had return client Steve Sims of Baltimore, MD with his son-in-law Matt Windover on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We hit too many spots to count as the fish were very reluctant to bite. The duo did manage to catch close to 20 Fluke with 3 keepers (20, 20, 18). Nice job on a very tough afternoon!!