Last Day Fluke - Ocean Crushed it, Bay not so much!

It was a little tough fishing with the 5 to 6 foot swell, but return clients Matt Windover, his Uncle Tommy Barnett, and his friend Zac Davidson were able to put a few in the box. We worked a few wrecks within sight of Barnegat Lighthouse and the guys jigged up some nice Fluke, keeping 6 for the table. The S & S bucktails Rattletail bucktail tipped with Gulp baits was the ticket for the bigger fish. The guys ended with a 10 pounder, 8 pounder, 5.5 pounder, 2 fish at 22 inches, and a 19 inches. Awesome day despite the tough conditions! Zac did catch his personal best Fluke a solid 8 pounder! We tried out the Offshore Angler Frigate reel (4000) and it did a nice job on the bigger Fluke! #Gloomis #PureFishing #BassProshops #CostaDelMar

Late morning, I had return clients Doug Wainwright, his son Doug Jr., and family friend Tim on a 4hr Bay/Inlet trip. We started working for Fluke with live baits, but the water was very dirty. We moved around a few spots but could only find them to 16.5 inches, and a few small Bluefish. With about an hour left, we switched over to Blowfish and anchored in one of the areas. We had a good bite for the first 20 minutes, but it soon died out, even with heavy chumming. The guys ended catching 4 different species (Fluke, Bluefish, Blowfish, and Kingfish). It was slow to my standards, by the guys still had a blast. This was Tim’s first time ever fishing in NJ saltwater!