Double trips - lots of fluke, but tough on keeps.

Yesterday's double header - lots of action on shorts. Tough day on keepers. In the morning, I had return clients Bud S, Mark S, and Joe S on a 4hr charter in the morning. We worked a bunch of areas in search of keepers, but the crew only could boat 1 at 18 inches. They had close to 40 Fluke with 4 being 1/4 of an inch away. (No pics taken)

In the afternoon, I had new clients Yvonne Decker, Chris Decker, Liz Burg and her husband Steve on a 4hr charter in the afternoon. We had tough conditions with the tide, but the foursome landed over 40 Fluke with 1 nice keeper at 22 inches on the S&S Bucktail. Again, several fish were close to 18 inches.