Double trip Friday - pick of action 3 and 2 keepers. Moon phase impact!!!

Today I had return client Matt Bailey, son Jay, daughter Maddie, and friend Zoe on a 4hr bay charter. We worked alot of different areas in the morning to catch close to 30 fish with 3 keepers (18, 19.5, 21 inch). Zoe caught her 1st ever Fluke - just shy of 18inches.

The afternoon had return client John Imbrogno, his father Sestino, his 4yr old son Jack and 10yr old Nick along with friend Will Hood on a 4hr charter. We had horrible tide conditions and warm water, but the crew was able to release close to 20 fish keeping two for the table (21, 19 inch). They did have a couple 17.5 inches in the mix. 4yr old did a great job, but eventually crashed 3hrs into the trip!