Monday through Thursday's trips - Severe weather kept us in the bay!

The past week was busy between the severe storms, AC Airshow, and charters. After the severe storms on Monday, I had Brian Hunsinger and his wife Beverly on a quick Sea Bass trip to repeat their postponed charter. They limited on nice Sea Bass to 18 inches and then caught a few short fluke.

Next, I had return client's Derek Bowen, daughter Dani, and his wife Christina as they have been with me for the last 6 years. We started working some areas for Fluke and Derek landed two nice keepers followed by a bunch of shorts. We continued to work, but it slowed down. We hit a spot near the inlet to produce Sea Bass, Triggerfish, Porgies, Fluke, and a Spinner shark that hung by the boat.

Wednesday Airshow - Amazing time in Atlantic City followed by some shopping at Bass Pro Shops.

Thursday's trips were bay due to the ocean conditions and small children. We hung inside and caught Blowfish, Fluke, small Sea Bass, and Bluefish. The morning trip I had return client Guy Critelli, his son Joe, son-in-law Ray, grandson Matt, and nephew Frank on a 3hr Blowfish charter. They boys quickly boxed over 75 Blowfish and released a bunch more. We changed to Fluke for the last hour and Frankie missed his opportunity by bringing the only "would be" keeper straight to the surface. Still a great trip.

In the afternoon, I had return client's Jason Black and his two boys Seth-4, Tyler-6 and Mike Weinstein and his two daughters Alice-4 and Belle-7. We started on Blowfish, but had slightly more challenging conditions as the winds and current shifted. The crew boxed 20 nice keepers and released a lot of small ones. We ended with Fluke and Belle caught a few that were very close to 18.